Frequently Asked Questions for Columbariums

Frequently Asked Questions

Niches are tapered and will hold one or two urns. The actual niche dimensions are 11-1/2” x 11-1/2” x 17-1/2”. Urns should be no greater than 10” tall, less than 9” wide, and no greater than 17” deep.
Columbarium Planners does not provide engraving. An engraver of your choice will engrave on site once the columbarium has been completed.
Our designers will make a recommendation for the granite covers. However, we can provide different granite samples for you or your committee to choose from. Ultimately, the final decision is yours.
No two columbariums are the same. Our designers uniquely design each columbarium to meet the needs of the client.
Columbarium Planners will conduct a site evaluation and provide you with a report. During the site evaluation, we walk the property and identify at least three potential locations for your columbarium. The sites will be scored and ranked. The report will include our recommendation for the best location; however, the final decision is made by you and/or your committee.
Yes. If you are interested in learning more about Columbarium Planners, please request our Informational Package. We can also provide a presentation to your committee, upon request. Often this helps the committee understand who Columbarium Planners is and what we have to offer.
Columbarium Planners does not get involved in the development of policies and procedures for columbariums. However, we have collected policies and procedures from other churches over the years that we can share with you as you begin developing your own ideas and policies.
Yes. Once the conceptual design is completed, Columbarium Planners can provide you with an Index Drawing and Niche Registry. This can be used to presale niches to generate revenue as you plan for the construction of your columbarium.

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