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In 1994, the pastor of a small Presbyterian church looked out at his congregation one Sunday and posed a question — “What do you think about building a columbarium?”

By a stroke of luck, sitting in the church that day were two friends. One was an architect, and one was an industrial designer. Intrigued by what they heard, they presented what they knew of the concept to a third friend, Robert Hayter, a landscape architect. The trio could see the potential of the idea, but they needed information, so they invested in a NexisLexis® industry data search.

The results showed that this was a field with, as of yet, untapped potential. They decided to take the plunge and build the first columbarium pro bono for that small Presbyterian church. They researched, planned, built, and completed it. It still stands proudly this day, a testament to their ingenuity and sense of adventure.

As often happens with the first of anything, they gained notoriety and began getting requests to build more. The opportunity light bulb went off. It was time to form a corporation.

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Columbarium Planners is thriving in what is now a crowded field.

  • To date they’ve completed over 74 columbarium planning projects and have an exclusive relationship with LKC Engineering, who provides design and engineering services for them.
  • Working closely with church committees, cemetery directors, and architects, they design site-specific columbarium gardens. No two are ever alike because they have no “cookie-cutter” designs.
  • Of the original three, only Robert is still with the company. The other two members have since passed away.

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Columbarium Planners stands ready to assist your church or cemetery as you explore the possibility of building a permanent sacred place to house the urns and memorialize those who have passed on. As always, we focus first on building relationships and listening to what is important to you in the creation of this space. Only then do we proceed to the construction process.

Our goal is to create a place that allows beautiful, secure memories to thrive. With our headquarters located in North Carolina, we build columbariums in the eastern half of the United States, including South Carolina, Virginia, and beyond. Call (910) 295-8328 or request information now.

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