Custom Columbarium Design Concepts for the Eastern U.S. Area

Plan & Concept Phase

If your church or cemetery is considering the possibility of building a columbarium, Columbarium Planners can help you navigate through myriad considerations to find the right solution for you. Since 1994, we’ve set the standard for creating sacred spaces that honor and protect the cremains of those who have passed on. Call (910) 295-8328 or request information now.

The Planning Phase

Once the desire for a columbarium has been discussed within your church or cemetery and the committee has decided to move forward in obtaining information, Columbarium Planners will be your planning partner.

First, we will help identify practical issues and concerns to consider:

  • Maintenance considerations
  • Appearance standards
  • Security considerations
  • Logistical and procedural issues associated with an urn-placement service
  • The number of cremation urns to be permitted in each niche
  • Policies governing purchase and assignment of niches
  • Rules for inscriptions

Next, we will discuss factors that affect where to locate the columbarium:

  • Indoor vs. outdoor
  • Visibility
  • Proximity and access relative to the sanctuary, parking, and so on
  • Noise considerations
  • Future columbarium and/or church expansion possibilities
  • Implementation phasing

Finally, we’ll help develop approximate cost expectations and budgeting.

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Columbarium Design Concepts

Once all of these considerations have been discussed and the committee decides to pursue the project, we move into the concept phase. In this phase, we’ll develop a conceptual plan for the columbarium project.

Columbarium Planners will work with your committee or with an architect designated by the committee. In this phase, expect the following:

  • A specific recommendation on where to locate the columbarium
  • Type of setting: garden or “room”
  • The number and configuration of niches
  • Columbarium features that are consistent with existing architecture
  • Landscape design
  • An architectural drawing of the proposed columbarium
  • A preliminary cost estimate based on the concept plan

Once the concept plan has been approved and funds have been raised, it’s time to move on to the construction phase.

Our columbarium design phase takes time in order to meet the needs of the client. Columbarium Planners takes that necessary time because we value the relationship and are focused on bringing life to the facility that will have a permanent place in the life of the congregation. With our headquarters located in North Carolina, we build columbariums in the eastern half of the United States, including South Carolina, Virginia, and beyond. Call (910) 295-8328 or request information now.

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