Answers to Your Questions about Columbariums

A columbarium is a sacred permanent structure with niches that house the remains of those who have passed. These beautiful spaces are located on church properties or in public cemeteries and provide a place for family and friends to reflect and treasure the memories that will always be a part of them. Columbarium Planners first stepped into this industry back in 1994, in what began as a vision of fellow church members and friends. We would like to answer some questions you may have as you determine whether a columbarium would be a good choice for your own church or local cemetery. 

Columbarium for church or cemetery

Where Is the Best Place to Construct a Columbarium?

Columbarium Planners will conduct a site evaluation and provide you with a report. During the site evaluation, we will walk the property and identify at least three potential locations for your columbarium. The sites will be scored and ranked. The report will include our recommendation for the best location, however, the final decision is made by you and your committee of decision makers.

How Many Urns Does Each Niche Hold & Can the Niches Be Pre-Sold?

The niches, or spaces, are tapered and will hold either one urn or two urns. Urns should be no more than 10 inches tall, nine inches wide, and 17 inches deep. When we meet with you, we will help you to determine the number and configuration of the niches. You can absolutely sell them in advance to generate revenue for the construction of your columbarium. 

Do All Columbariums That Are Designed and Built by Columbarium Planners Look the Same?

No two columbariums are the same. Our team will uniquely design each columbarium to meet your specific needs. We will help you identify practical issues and concerns to take into consideration as well. Your options for customization are endless and may include peaceful gardens, benches for reflection, memorial plaques, and more.

Can Columbarium Planners Make a Presentation to Churches or Cemeteries?

Yes, we can make a presentation. If you are interested in learning more about Columbarium Planners, please request our informational package. We can also provide a presentation to your committee, upon request. This often helps the committee understand who we are and what we have to offer.

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Columbarium Planners is ready to partner with you to build a columbarium that will honor your church or community members. We’ve completed many columbarium planning projects over the years, along with our engineering partner. Contact us today at (910) 295-8328 or request information now. Our headquarters is in North Carolina, and we build columbariums in the eastern half of the United States, including South Carolina, Virginia, and beyond.