Columbariums Help Churches to Support Grieving Community Members

Many churches have struggled to find a meaningful way to serve their congregants during the era of COVID-19. Countless families, however, are grieving lost loved ones and are seeking a source of support. As a show of compassion and ongoing support for your church members, we suggest investing in a columbarium. Columbarium Planners will walk with you every step of the way, helping you create a peaceful, safe place for your community to both grieve and remember.

Church Columbarium

COVID-19 and Cremation

In the wake of the global pandemic, cremation rates have risen significantly. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died due to COVID-19, resulting in a rapid increase in the need for funerals, cremation services, and columbariums. According to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), there are several major reasons people are increasingly choosing cremation during the pandemic. These include:

  • Limitations on size of gatherings
  • Travel restrictions
  • Social distancing
  • Financial concerns

Cremation Offers Comfort

In response to this year’s many challenges, cremation offers grieving families a sense of hope. Rather than risking their safety or forgoing a funeral, cremation provides families with flexibility and a sense of control. Families are able to keep the cremated remains in a safe place and a host a funeral at a time that is safe and convenient for them. Plus, cremation helps alleviate the financial burden on loved ones who may be struggling to make ends meet during these tumultuous times.

How Churches Can Respond

Churches have been put in a difficult position during the pandemic. Though countless families are in need of spiritual guidance, clergy are often unable to meet these needs in a tangible way due to safety concerns. In light of this, churches must find new ways to respond to the needs of their congregants. We believe that creating a safe, secure location for people to commemorate their loved ones is one of the best ways churches can demonstrate love to their congregants at this time.

Columbarium Planning

Columbarium Planners will help you design and build a columbarium for your church community that is both beautiful and secure. Though we are located in North Carolina, we proudly build columbariums throughout the eastern half of the United States. We pride ourselves on quality, and promise to create a space that brings comfort to your congregants for many years to come. To request information, call (910) 295-8328.