Honor Your Community Members with a Beautiful, Secure Columbarium

Every year, people in the United States are increasingly choosing cremation in lieu of earthen burial. Unfortunately, many churches find themselves lacking a way to honor those who have been cremated. If you wish to support your community members in the passing of their loved ones, Columbarium Planners can help. We design and construct beautiful, secure columbariums to provide sacred places for loved ones to remember those they have lost.Outdoor Columbarium

What Is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is a permanent structure which houses the remains of cremated loved ones. The structure contains a series of niches which hold one or two urns each. Typically, columbariums are located outside of churches or in cemeteries. Often, columbariums incorporate gardens or other landscape features to create a beautiful, peaceful setting. Essentially, columbariums provide a place for loved ones to memorialize those who have passed in a serene, attractive setting.

Church Columbariums

The majority of columbariums are housed on church properties. This allows church and family members to honor their loved ones in a place with special meaning. Additionally, columbariums provide a meaningful, affordable way for churches and clergy to care for grieving members. 

Our Process

If your church or cemetery is considering constructing a columbarium, Columbarium Planners can help you navigate the myriad of options. Initially, we will help your committee think through the practical issues involved with columbarium use and maintenance. We will also help you choose the ideal location and design for your columbarium, taking into account your specific needs and wishes throughout the process. Lastly, once the proposal is approved and the funds have been raised, we will construct a columbarium to your specifications using premium materials and methods.

Request Information

To learn more about constructing a columbarium for your church or cemetery, call Columbarium Planners at (910) 295-8328 or request information online. We design and construct columbariums in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and beyond. Our team of site planners, landscape architects, and facility designers will create a columbarium that will bless your church and community members for years to come.