There is no better way to honor members of your church or community after they have gone than with a columbarium for their final resting place. Cremation is increasingly the more popular choice and warrants the need for a place where loved ones can gather to pay their respects. Columbarium Planners custom designs and builds columbariums for churches and community members to utilize as the final resting place for family members. Let us show you how you can honor these beloved people in your life once they are gone.

Columbarium Design and Construction

What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is a permanent structure comprised of niches, or spaces, where urns containing the cremated remains of loved ones are kept. The word itself is derived from the Latin term “columba”, meaning “dwelling place of a dove.” Most of these structures are located in churches at the request of church members, but they are also a growing part of today’s cemeteries. An outdoor columbarium is the most common type, and they allow for beautiful gardens and landscaping features.

The Planning, Design, and Building Process

Once your church or cemetery has decided to move forward with a columbarium, we will partner with you and help you navigate through the many considerations and logistics. We will discuss all the factors that will determine the location as well as develop approximate cost expectations and budgeting. At Columbarium Planners, we take our time with the planning phase to really listen to our clients and ensure we are meeting their needs. After we get through all of the planning and conceptualizing in the design phase, we will be able to proceed to the construction phase

What Sets Us Apart

Because columbariums are permanent structures that will stand for generations, we are very meticulous in choosing the materials used in the building process. In our construction process, we can assure you that no oxidizing elements are ever exposed to the elements, no plastic is used, and every piece is custom-made. Columbarium Planners also gives our clients the time and space they need to gather all of their financial support. Whether you need six months or six years, we will never pressure you and will wait for you to contact us when you are ready.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

Columbarium Planners is ready to partner with you if you simply want more information, or if you are ready to start columbarium construction. We have completed many columbarium planning projects and no two are alike. You can find out more about us by calling (910) 295-8328 or request information now. We are located in North Carolina, but we build columbariums in the eastern half of the United States, including South Carolina, Virginia, and beyond.