3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Final Resting Place

Choosing a final resting place for yourself or a loved one is a deeply personal and profound choice, full of complex considerations. If you are part of a church congregation or a close-knit community, there’s an option you might not have explored. Many churches and even cemeteries are building columbariums for their community as a resting place for those who select cremation rather than traditional burial at the end of their life. Columbarium Planners is at the forefront of this movement and stands ready to assist your church or cemetery as you ponder the factors that go into this decision.

Columbarium design and construction

1. Cremation is More Common than You Might Think

More and more people across the country are choosing cremation rather than traditional burial for themselves and their loved ones. In fact, cremation has remained the more popular end-of-life choice for almost ten years. Since 1994, we have helped to meet the demand by designing and building columbariums with niches that provide a sacred place to house urns with cremated remains.

2. A Columbarium Provides Community and Support

Honoring a loved one who has passed on is a deeply personal experience, and everyone handles it differently. However, there’s something comforting about feeling a sense of community and a supportive environment as you navigate your loss. Whether it’s the peaceful garden space that’s been developed around the columbarium or any of the other meaningful ways they can be personalized by your congregation, you will feel a kinship and connectedness with those whose loved ones share the space.

3. A Columbarium Is Customized for the Lives Represented 

The beauty of designing and building a columbarium is that you can contribute to the way it is customized for the legacies represented within the niches. There are many options for customization, and no two we build are the same. We can personalize memorial plaques with scriptures or other meaningful words that represent your loved one, for example.

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