4 Unique Options for the Design of Your Columbarium

Derived from the Latin word which means “dwelling place of a dove,” a columbarium is a structure with niches that can house the cremated remains of those who have passed on. They provide a spiritually meaningful place where families can memorialize their loved ones. Columbarium Planners helps churches and cemeteries by designing and building columbariums. While all of our columbariums are unique and no two are alike, let’s go over four different personalization options that you may choose if you have one built.

Design and Build a Columbarium

1. Peaceful Garden Spaces

If we are designing and building a columbarium for you that will be located outdoors, as the vast majority of them are, then you may choose to have a peaceful garden space. We can include benches for rest and reflection as well. Since most columbariums are located outside, we are very meticulous in choosing materials that will stand for generations.

2. Labyrinths for Prayerful Reflection

We can design your columbarium with labyrinths for spiritual encouragement or prayerful reflection. Rest assured that the columbarium will not be not a sad space, but a sacred, joy-filled space, exuding peace and the presence of God.

3. Memorial Plaques

Every niche holds two urns so that the cremated remains of family members can be together. Many people choose to include memorial plaques, which can be personalized with your favorite scripture. 

4. Classroom Space

Including classroom space for Bible study or other studies is another option for your columbarium. Every piece that we include in the construction is completely custom, and we never use any pre-fabricated construction in our projects.

Request More Information

Columbarium Planners is ready to assist your church or cemetery as you determine whether building a sacred place to house urns is the best choice for you. We will be careful to take all of your ideas and desires into consideration while we plan and then build your columbarium.  You can call us today at (910) 295-8328 or request information now, and we will be ready to begin the process with you! Located in North Carolina, we build columbariums in the Eastern half of the United States, including South Carolina, Virginia, and beyond.