Church Columbariums Provide Solace for Grieving Community Members

Death is an inevitable fact of life. For that reason, churches place a strong emphasis upon preparing their members for life, death, and life after death. At Columbarium Planners, we help churches support their congregants throughout this process by constructing columbarium gardens. These sites provide a spiritually uplifting, attractive, and meaningful place for families to memorialize their loved ones after cremation.

Columbarium Design

What Is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is a permanent structure made up of niches, or spaces, where urns containing the remains of cremated loved ones are kept. The columbarium serves as a sacred final resting place for cremated remains. As such, the site provides a place for people to memorialize their loved ones in a beautiful, sacred setting. The vast majority of columbariums are constructed on church grounds and contain a garden and other landscaping features. 

Why Build a Columbarium?

In times of pain and turmoil, congregants turn to the church for comfort. In light of this, constructing a columbarium provides yet another meaningful way for churches and clergy to lovingly care for their members. Furthermore, columbariums are practical. As cremation becomes increasingly popular throughout the United States, the need for columbariums is growing. 

Columbarium Benefits

The benefits of adding a columbarium to your church or cemetery are many. The primary benefit, of course, is the solace it brings to grieving community members. Additionally, columbariums solve the problem of cemetery overcrowding. Because cremated remains take up so little space, a single columbarium wall can house many remains. Furthermore, columbariums are environmentally friendly, as they take up less ground space and eliminate the possibility of harsh chemicals leaching into the soil.

Request Information

Contact Columbarium Planners today at (910) 295-8328 to request information about building a columbarium for your church or cemetery. As one of the most established firms in the nation, we offer site planning, architectural design, and project supervision to each of our clients. The end result is a unique resting place that meets your church’s specific needs and budget. We proudly build columbariums throughout the eastern half of the U.S., including North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and beyond.