More Americans are now choosing the option of cremation rather than burial for their loved ones. To support this choice, Columbarium Planners design and build columbariums for churches and cemeteries. While columbariums are designed to provide comfort and support to the bereaved, they also offer several unique benefits to the church as a whole.

Outdoor Columbariums Offer Benefits to Churches

Minimal Regulation

Establishing a columbarium is much simpler than the establishment of a burial ground. Churches typically are only required to attain a building permit for construction. Furthermore, traditional burial is heavily regulated. The transportation and interment of the deceased must meet state regulations and requires proper documentation. Cremation, however, allows families to transport and inurn ashes at their own discretion.

Land Usage

Columbariums are typically smaller and more compact than burial grounds. Each niche can hold up to two urns, making even a small columbarium effective for storing a large number of urns. Similarly, our design team will integrate the columbarium with your existing structure. We will make recommendations to optimize land usage and ensure columbarium features are consistent with the existing structure.


Grieving is a very personal experience. As such, our team will help you select a columbarium location and design that provides privacy and intimacy for grieving loved ones. Additionally, our team specializes in creating attractive, peaceful settings for remembrance. We can incorporate features such as memorial plaques, benches, and gardens at your discretion. Ultimately, our team will help you create a customized space that best suits the needs of your church community.

Minimal Infrastructure

We design and construct columbariums so they flow with existing architecture. Thus, we frequently utilize existing infrastructure (electric, irrigation, pavement, etc.) during construction. We will evaluate your facility’s existing infrastructure and provide cost-effective options for design and construction. Because most of the cost of owning a columbarium is up-front, utilizing existing resources is an easy way to save money.

Request Information

If your church is considering burial options for your community of faith, request information about installing a columbarium from Columbarium Planners. We infuse integrity into every aspect of the process and create custom columbariums with premium materials. To learn more, call (910) 295-8328. Located in North Carolina, we build columbariums in the eastern half of the U.S., including South Carolina, Virginia, and beyond.