Should You Build a Columbarium at Your Church or Cemetery?

A columbarium is a permanent structure with niches to hold urns containing cremated remains. As cremation continues to become a more common end-of-life choice, there is a greater need for options of a sacred final resting place. Columbarium Planners works with churches and cemeteries to design columbarium gardens that are created specifically for the site where they are built. Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in a columbarium for your church or cemetery.

Columbarium at a church or cemetery

Cremation Is the Most Common Choice

Since cremation has overtaken burial as the choice for the majority of Americans, building a columbarium can provide the ideal place to house the urns of cremated loved ones. Often built outside, they may contain gardens and other landscaping features that create a beautiful permanent space to visit and honor the ones who have passed on.

A Columbarium Makes the Most of Available Space

Sometimes, churches and cemeteries run out of land. A columbarium can be the best way to accommodate more cremains through a vertical structure. If space is an issue for your location, then let us help you design a columbarium that will resolve this for you. All of our pieces are custom, and no two are the same.

Close Proximity to Place of Worship

Families who wish to honor their loved ones and visit their final resting place to pay their respects can do so as often as they like when it is also the same place they attend church services. Surviving loved ones who regularly attend a church have the ability to frequently visit the memorial of those who have passed on. These joy-filled spaces exude peace and can be a place for prayer and meditation.

Easy to Manage and Built to Last

Columbariums are made of materials that are chosen for their beauty and resiliency and will last for generations. Once they are complete, then they require very little maintenance. Internment is an easy process as well.

Call to Discuss a Columbarium

Churches and cemeteries are seeing an increase in the need for cremation services, and if you would like to take the next step and discuss your options for constructing a columbarium, then call Columbarium Planners at (910) 295-8328, or request information now. Since 1994, we have set the standard for creating sacred spaces that honor and protect the cremains of those who have passed on. Our headquarters are located in North Carolina, and we build columbariums in the eastern half of the United States, including South Carolina, Virginia, and beyond.