As you may know, a columbarium is a sacred, permanent structure that houses the cremated remains of those who have passed away. These structures are becoming more and more necessary as cremation is an increasingly popular choice. Columbarium Planners works with churches and cemeteries in the eastern half of the United States to bring their visions to life as they seek to honor loved ones and community members. If you are wondering why organizations might choose to build a columbarium to hold cremains, we will go over three common reasons that people have made this choice. 

Columbarium Design and Construction

1. A Personalized Way to Honor Loved Ones

At Columbarium Planners, we are always ready to assist your church or cemetery as you explore the possibility of building a permanent sacred structure to house urns and memorialize those who have passed on. No two columbariums are alike because they are very personal and customized to the exact vision of the group or entity for which they are built. They can be personalized with gardens and landscape design, memorial plaques, benches for reflection, classroom space, and more. 

2. A Convenient Option for a Mobile World

People often retire to different cities and states in their later years but want to be returned to their lifelong homes after their death. It is much easier to do this when a person has been cremated. People also tend to move around a lot throughout their lifetime, and may prematurely lose an immediate family member before relocating yet again. Columbariums aren’t permanent like traditional burial and could provide a temporary home for your loved ones’ remains if you aren’t sure where you will end up.

3. A Practical Solution to Limited Resources

Traditional earthen internment could be out of reach for some due to financial constraints or the limited availability of conveniently-located cemetery plots. A columbarium will provide a spiritually meaningful place where families can memorialize their loved ones in a way that is more practical for their personal situation. We will take all of your desires into consideration during the planning and construction phases of the columbarium.  

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Columbarium Planners seeks to create a sacred place where your beloved memories will live on. In 1994, we turned our idea into a reality and have helped countless churches and cemeteries in the years since. You can reach us at (910) 295-8328 or request information now, and we will be ready to begin this process with you. Located in North Carolina, we build columbariums in the Eastern half of the United States, including South Carolina, Virginia, and beyond.